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November 14, 2012
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Combo-Lock-Beatrice-App by RalphWaldoPickleChip Combo-Lock-Beatrice-App by RalphWaldoPickleChip
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ID: #BPC2060

:iconflirty-beatriceplz: -> full view here~ [link]
X Name: Beatrice Esposito Vespertilio

X Nickname: Trish

X: Level: 2

X Age: Demon age: 1000
Human age: 20

X: Gender: Female

X: D.O.B: Feburary 21st

X: Height: 5’5” / 1.65 m

X: Race: Pandemonian

X: Division: 2nd circle, Lust


X: Quotes: "Come, have a taste of my darkness"

“Your face warped in pain... just the thought thrills me”

“if i had to choose between breathing or loving you, i would say 'i love you' with my last breath”


X: Personality:

Conceited: She loves how she looks, In all three forms. She feeds off of complements, attention of men. She doesn’t care much of many women, she views them as disturbance and they get in the way of her sexual motives, sometimes she just likes them for the competition aspect, though she knows she’d win, even by force.

Manipulative: Overly friendly, to gain friendship and trust quickly. The faster she gains her victims trust, the sooner she can feed or do what she pleases once in her grasp. To turn the situation in her favor, she’s bossy and likes to be in the dominate/alpha role.

Greedy: Once she’s claimed a mortal for her own, she believes they are /hers/ She avoids bonding and serious relationships, finding them meaningless and wasteful.

Prejudiced: She’s loud, blunt and to the point. No hesitation on judging them, she looks passed mortal follies when she’s deprived and hungry for spiritual energy from her

Promiscuous: Love’s to interact and mingle, especially having a number of sexual relations with her victims/partners.

Likes: attractive men, particularly 20-mid 30’s, liquor, attention, when it’s dark out, Loyalty, large crowds, humans (to manipulate) , Storms/rain, companion ship with animals particularly nocturnal creatures, fashion, wealth.

Dislikes: Bright/nice days (she’ll cope with it if necessary. Even in human form, she’s weak against the sun, he skin is fragile and delicate), Competition, being insulted about her appearance, Unintelligent mortals, unwealthy /dirty places/people, those who are beneath or of equal rank.



Deep in the thick baron woods of Pandemonia’s Limbo circle was a large broken down mansion. It’s exterior was crawling with dying vines, somehow holding the foundation of the collapsing structure together. The base of the home was stone, covered in algae and dirt, from an outsider’s perspective it looked like a large pile of rubble not suitable for living. But in this circle, having such a large still standing stricter is highly sot after. These creatures didn’t have the luxuries of having fully composed shelters, it was useless because of the consistent violent storms, would just destroy. The demons of lust adapted to such unruly conditions; the storms were more aggressive and torturous during the day, lurking out into the night in the soft melancholy rain on the prowl for erotic interaction and a carnal, cannibalistic nature.

In the rubble, sheltered slept a child, her hair black as ebony and in faint light seeing it shimmer in florescent reds and pinks. Quite and calm the child slept peacefully in her bundle of torn blankets. She was an unusually quite baby, not like the others that screamed and demanded attention, her gentle coos of light gown’s signaled the mother’s attention. Her mother, tall with pale red skin never left her baby unattended, the woman was cruel and uncaring but she was protective and something drew her to having feelings for it. Which is uncommon in this circle, they don’t bond with one another, they’re manipulative, lustful incentives denied them of such a right.
As for her father, Semiramis, he was a tall, indescribably terrifying creature. His figure, dark, masculine and lean, he made the perfect predator. He resembled a hell hound, but more bat like, his snout was broad and close to his face, the teeth: long and sharp. His general body shape was of a man, but 4 times as large, and twice as strong than the above average human. The amount of self-control was difficult, there was only one thing keeping him from snatching his own flesh and blood to consume it.

Years before Semiramis met the child’s mother, he was near death. Having been out manned in a vicious battle between multiple beasts of Pandemonia, He was strong but not near stong enough to take the five, large snarling beasts that shattered his bones. One of the five, dragged his limp, dying body to rot in the baron tree forest of the second circle. It was very dark, and cold his chances of him living through the night were very minimal. The wounds were terminal; no normal medical treatment could save this grotesque creature that laid bleeding to death. The river of blood slowly pooled around him, the lights in his eyes were fading, all he could think about was the color of his blood, the contrast between the darkness and that deep saturated liquid, it was beautiful. Just about as he was going to pass he saw a tall figures reflection, he slowly looked up at him. Semiramis’s eye brows knitted, the man was nicely dressed, even more, he was clean. He was far from an ordinary man, his dark hair covered his face, leaning on one knee towards the dying creature, “I’ll give you an ultimatum, dear creature. I see your strength and power is strong, impressive you even are still alive. One, I leave you here to rot and be consumed by the storms, or I’ll let you live, but. You have to give me your first born, in which I’ll drain its power and consume its body and soul to be even more powerful. But if you don’t I’ll kill you, your child and its putrid mother that conceved it.” Semiramis didn’t have much of a choice, besides he couldn’t see himself having a child either. Even if he were, he’d make sure to never have one, to benefit such a cruel creature. Semiramis nodded his head slowly, he didn’t admit it, but he was too much of a coward to die.
A few months had passed, Semiramis’s wounds healed, having little to no remembrance of the man that saved him. He had found a demon mistress they stayed together for years, eventually forgetting the deal he had made. Waking to screams of his demon temptress, she was pregnant, having his child; suddenly remembering the dark figure in his head, as if it just happened for the second time. The mother, lay limp after giving birth. Her completion faded, she fainted. He looked down at the blood soaked sheets, hearing a faint cry of a child. He looked down at ‘it’, pondering. It wasn’t human, it was some dark beast, it had four bat like wings attached to its hips. Slowly he picked it up, it was a baby girl. Her eyes slowly opened feeling the embrace of her father, it’s red eyes illuminated her dark face as she looked upon her father.

He blinked twice, suddenly coming to reality. He walked over and explained the story to the mother, she was upset, but nodding agreeingly. They didn’t know how much time left until the man would show up, to collect his end of the deal. The pair left quickly, to the human realm to hopefully give their daughter to someone who could take care of her and keep her safer. Traveling deep through the woods, they halted, before them was to walls of thorn bushes. It was an elaborate labyrinth, it took them several hours to finally find the end, they thought they’d never find the secret passage. It was a deep underground cave, it had several stairs leading to an abyss of darkness. Once they made their way through the long agonizing tunnel. There was a faint light at the end, hearing strange unusual noises. It was twilight, the dim street lamps illuminated the three of them. Arriving to the loud, busy city, cars honked. This world seemed to busy and oblivious to see the three outcasts. Samiramis and the mother found a small suburb, full of large expensive houses. They thought about knocking and leaving the child on the doorstep , but they didn’t want to just hand her off to anyone. It needed to be someone reliable not some underdeveloped imprudent mortal. Samiramis watched a couple for a few minutes, they had no child, but they looked smart, caring and their house was well kept. The man appeared tall and of descent build, enough where he could entrust Beatrice to him. He pounded on the back door and the mother gently set Beatrice down and kissing her forehead and setting down a note and key before disappearing into the night.

A few nights before, Sarimis fashioned a metal collar and key. With it, it unlocks her power, three small gems shined next to the lock. One yellow, to her human form, the blue for her half demon form, the red unlocked her beast form. He locked the enchanted caller to Beatrice, and turned the key to yellow, making her appear human, her eyes dimmed and her hair dimmed to a flat black. Semiramis’s made It so only he could turn and remove the key. Beatrice was cursed to forever wear the collar, she couldn’t remove it. It was for her own safety to control her power and to stay hidden, for now.

Beatrice’s orphan parent’s never told her who her true parents were, they felt when she came of age it would be more appropriate. Beatrice felt betrayed, she wished she told them sooner, deep down she knew she was different. She didn’t have any similar physical attributes to her foster parents. As a child she was skeptical, other children at least resembled their parents a little, but it all slowly made since as she listened. Growing up learning love and affection, to be kind in school she never knew why boys seemed to be drawn to her, while the girls despised her and made fun of the collar that bound around her neck. Everyday she’d find ways to cover it, either with a scarf, a pretty silk ribbon her parent gave her. Beatrice’s orphan parent’s despised the retched collar, they thought it was some type of sick joke, they thought the original parents kept her as a slave. No matter what tools or machinery or attempts the collar didn’t scratch or break, it was permanent.

Beatrice, now 21, grew to like the collar, she embraced it and didn’t care what people thought of it. But it was the day her ‘parent’s ‘sat her down and told her the truth. The mother presented her with a beautiful embroidered black key. Beatrice, shocked slowly taking the key. She imagined her without the collar, how free and nice it would feel without it. Without any further hesitation she quickly turned the key, but to her misfortune the opposite happened. The red gem glowed, it didn’t unlock the collar… it unlocked her forms. Screaming in pure agony, her body snapped and pulled. Her bones were breaking as she turned into a large creature. Her jaw snapped and grew into a large snout, her eyes burned turning black while the iris glowed a florescent red. Her orphan parents were terrified of what was happening to their child, completely bewildered of how such a thing could come from a ‘pure’ girl. There was nothing left of the little girl they loved and cherished growing up, before them. It was a beast, not their little beautiful girl. If there was any humanity left in Beatrice, it was gone. The creatures now broad shoulders and head hung, once finishing the transformation, breathing heavily. Beatrice’s head shot up, her instincts and hunger for flesh consumed her body and soul. Charging at full force her sharp fangs gripped her father’s throat Decapitating his head in an instant, sending a surge of blood to splatter onto her and the frightened screaming mother. The beasts head snapped hearing such an annoying noise; the beast didn’t think twice but slitting her throat with its long sharp talon’s, sending the woman to her knees, collapsing as she chocked and slowly drowned in her own blood. Beatrice fed on her parent’s corpses hardly leaving anything behind but bones and blood. The black key slowly turned itself back to her weakest and most venerable form, human. Not shortly after Beatrice fell from exhaustion, this form takes every bit of energy in her capability, she was very strong in her beast state but once out she was very vulnerable and weak.

Beatrice woke the next morning on the living room floor, unclothed and stained in blood. W-what happened last night? She asked herself, terrified. Her heart raced and she saw what remained of her orphan parents. Tears streamed and she screamed in pure horror, backing away from them and she shook her head furiously. “I-I COULDN’T…I COULDN’T HAVE KILLED THEM…I WOULDN’T” her hand slowly touched the key still in her collar, not daring to turn it. She tried to pull the retched key out but it wouldn’t budge. Her back against the wall as she slowly slumped down and bundled her body together and cried; finally pulling herself together she threw on some clothes and called the police, explaining in her best most clearest way of what happened, though, she was not entirely sure herself. They made the report and believed she was innocent, the thought she fainted or was knocked out from some intruder. A detective came up to her asking strange and unusual questions, like he knew something he didn’t. He was tall, dark hair that hid his eyes; her stomach churned, something wasn’t right with him. Something bad was going to happen, she knew it in her whole being he was evil. His last statement seemed to echo through her head “thanks miss, I’ll see you again, sooner than you think” his lips curled into an evil grin. Beatrice, hesitated, she wasn’t safe. Once everyone was gone from the scene she went upstairs and pact her belongings and some necessities, she wasn’t going to spend one more night in that house. It had a putrid smell, the smell of death, making her nose crinkle. She didn’t know where’d she would go or stay but she knew she didn’t want to run into that detective again…


X: Battling:

Contract Availability: Available, better have a valuable and convincing reason for contract; And making it worth her while.

Powers: Hypnosis/ shape shift:
The host has the be a willing participant for the complete hypnosis to succeed. If successful, she becomes the host's deepest most innermost disires of a woman. To the host, her appearance is what ever they'd wish to see in a woman. To any by stander she's in her human form. Alone she likes to be in her succubus/half demon form.
To hypnotise her victims it's through eye contact, her eyes glow a florecent ice blue, once disoriented and hypnotized they become her slave for several hours, occasionally days, until the hypnosis fades.

Shape shifting: Her collar controls her forms, by turning the key to unlock them.

Yellow: Human
She is weakest in this form, Beatrice has adapted to the harsh division of lust, the dark climate and cruel weather. Her body can only take so much of sun light, her skin and eyes is highly sensitive. During the day, if bright, sunny (typical nice day) Beatrice would be found in love sleeve attire, sunglasses or a parasol. The sun irriates her skin causing the tissue to bruis and discolor and become irritated.

Blue: Half demon/succubus (as shown above)

Red: Beast form, ( [link] )
Beast form is tricky to acquire, Beatrice, has to be at the peek of her energy or at its lowest (when deprived of her energy, her collar under goes survival mode and automatically changes on its own will to protect its owner. Beatrice, loses her emotions, and her beast animal qualities consume her contentiousness. She will devour, kill anything and everything that crosses her path in this state, friends, family. Anything to quench her appetite for flesh and energy from mortals.

Weapon: A self constructed, sword whip. It can stretch to long distances, capable of wrapping and dislocating or removing limbs fairly easily. Its deadly scorpion like tip, capable of penetrating dense armor, or heavy damage on its target. Turning the handle of the sword causes it to recoil and can be used like a typical sword.

If unequipped with her sword whip, Beatrice's succubus and beast form allows her to use user sharp tallon's and claws.Beatrice is quick on her feet and flexible cat like body, give her the ability to read her apponent and strick a few blows and attempt to weaken sensitive areas with her talon's.


X: Stats:

Magic: 198
Attack: 130
Defence: 99
Speed: 83


X: Battle song themes:

Main theme: [link]

Battle: (haven't found one yet~ )

Sad: [link]
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WHOA OAO I've never looked at the app before oAo it looks awesome and that red...omg you did great!!. I know I'm not in the group and all that jazz *really hoping to make it in on the first try >w<* buttt I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having a mock RP with my Adri?
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